SMS Phishing COVID-19 Scams

SMS Phishing COVID-19 Scams

Scammers are preying on the fears of individuals around the world as the coronavirus pandemic spreads. Right Click wants to educate you and arm you with the safety measures you need to protect yourself from SMS Phishing COVID-19 scams.

COVID-19 Free Money or Product Text Message Scams

These text messages are from scammers offering free phones and money to help during the coronavirus outbreak. These people are relying on financial fear playing off the U.S. federal government COVID-19 economic stimulus package as a way to swindle you out of your own money and financial information.

Fake COVID-19 Exposure Text Messages

Scammers are sending text messages that claim you’ve been in contact with a victim of COVID-19 warning that you should get tested or self-quarantine and directs you to click on a link for more information. No matter how scary these fake exposure messages may seem, do not click on the link.

Phishing links within the text are malicious and target the personal information in your mobile device.

Fraudulent COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Scammers are marketing fraudulent coronavirus antibody tests. Beware of individuals offering “free” antibody tests or providing incentives for undergoing testing.

Other indications of an antibody test scam include the promotion of the test through social media ads, unexpected emails, or telephone calls posing as government officials requiring you to take a test or that request personal information to schedule a test. If you have not contacted your own health care professional inquiring about any type of coronavirus test in the first place. All testing is voluntary, so if you’re being coerced into taking a test it’s most definitely someone trying to scam you.

Before taking any COVID-19 test, verify your test is approved by the FDA and that your test laboratory is accepted by your health insurance. Do not share sensitive personal and medical information with anyone other than known and trusted medical professionals.

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