3 Simple Tips For Thwarting Cybercriminals

3 Simple Tips For Thwarting Cybercriminals

Advances in technology have made life easier but have also enabled cybercriminals to improve their techniques. This can be a big blow to small-business owners who often take data security for granted. To keep your business safe, follow these simple tips.

Cover your webcam

Cybercriminals will use your webcam to spy on you.

Covering your webcam should do the trick. You can purchase a cheap webcam cover online.

Use a privacy shield

A privacy shield is a thin transparent sheet you apply on your computer, laptop, or smartphone screen to limit viewing angles. Once installed, anyone trying to look at your screen from anywhere — except straight on — will see nothing.

Get a biometric authentication key

You can also use biometrics such as a fingerprint, retina, or facial scan. It’s difficult to copy a person’s fingerprint or facial features, making it a secure authentication method.

If you need help setting up two-factor authentication or IT security services, contact our experts. We'll help you get peace of mind from knowing that your business IT is in good hands.