How to check if your VPN is working or not

VPN Test: How to check if your VPN is working or not The primary function of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is to enhance your online privacy and security. It should do this without slowing your Internet too noticeably. Performing a VPN test or two can help you ensure that it’s up to the mark.

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The Three Types of Keyboards

Types of key switches This aspect of keyboard design is widely mentioned in reviews, yet many people overlook the importance of the type of switches used for individual keys. Although the intricate mechanisms that hide beneath the keys may not excite you, the difference you feel from each type will.

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3 Simple Tips For Thwarting Cybercriminals

Advances in technology have made life easier but have also enabled cybercriminals to improve their techniques. This can be a big blow to small-business owners who often take data security for granted. To keep your business safe, follow these simple tips.

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