Punny Bunny

1. The two bunnies who got married are planning to go out for a bunny-moon.

2. A farm owner had a rabbit housekeeper; he was the dust bunny.

3. If you had 50 rabbits standing in a row and 49 of them take one step back, then you are left with a receding hare-line.

4. A rabbit was angry because he accidentally burned his hand. So he became a hot cross bunny.

5. A rabbit was dancing out of joy as it couldn’t believe its luck. It had four rabbit’s foot.

6. The rabbits built themselves a new house as they were fed up with the hole thing.

7. My neighbor’s rabbit has this habit of pooping in our front yard. So my lawyer suggested to take him to a-pellet court.

8. The rabbit asked Alexa which game he would enjoy the most, and she replied, “Hopscotch.”

9. A couple bought their rabbit a fancy hut, but he did not seem to carrot all.