Protection for All

Cybercriminals increasingly target poorly defended SMBs that believe they can’t afford the time or money costs associated with a strong cybersecurity posture. But the good news is that affordable, enterprise-grade data and network protection are possible with Right Click’s cybersecurity services. For a flat monthly rate, you get an experienced security team defending your networks and cutting-edge countermeasures for less than the cost of hiring a single new employee.

Make Sure Your Business Is Ready for Anything

Public cloud, private cloud, internal, wireless — no matter what kind of network you operate on, the Right Click cybersecurity team will ensure it is protected from all manner of cyberattack. Not only will we perform virus removal, firewall maintenance, and network intrusion monitoring, but also cybersecurity training that teaches your workforce to spot and prevent attacks that rely on social engineering. We also offer advanced security services, such as dark web monitoring that detects if your data is compromised and alerts you to prevent that data from being used against you.
The strategic security framework from Right Click includes: