Maintain HIPAA compliance with reliable IT networks under our watch

A data breach could prove too costly for your healthcare business

HIPAA and a number of security compliance regulations are at the forefront of any medical practice today and your organization needs to keep up as well. Any breach in confidential patient data can lead to serious legal ramifications, loss of trust, and at worst, closing down your practice. Avoid these consequences by partnering with Right Click and letting us manage and monitor your IT.

We work tirelessly on managing your data and implementing powerful cybersecurity solutions to protect your electronic health records (EHRs) and meet all compliance requirements for HIPAA , among others. Our Managed IT services also include 24/7 help desk support to resolve your IT issues quickly and we’ll improve your productivity and patient care with cutting-edge medical IT software and platforms that suit your needs and budget.

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Discover how our IT solutions benefit Healthcare firms

Managed Services

Managing and maintaining your software, hardware, and network all year round


Detect and eliminate malware with multilayered-security systems

IT Consulting

Tailor-made, expertly designed IT plams to help you meet quality standards efficiently

Business Continuty Planing

Minimize downtime after diasters with immidiate data retrieval


Run more high-performance software on your computers with virtual IT infrastructure


Stay complaint with industry standards and security regulations

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