Hosted Solutions

Technology doesn't have to be a hassle

Like any modern company, you need advanced software to run your business. But the high cost of purchasing, licensing, and hosting your own applications can force you to make compromises. With Hosted Solutions from Right Click, we host the software and applications for you, so you can avoid the high upfront costs, management burdens, and ongoing maintenance requirements of the IT you depend on each and every day.

Get more out of your technology investments

With Hosted Solutions, Right Click manages your applications and the hardware infrastructure required to run them, handling connectivity issues, repairs, updates, and maintenance so that there is no impact on in-house IT resources. By leaving the hosting to us, your organization can benefit from superior cloud-based software and customized apps without having to develop the solutions yourself or keep them maintained. The time and money saved can then be put to more important tasks and projects.
Hosted Solutions from Right Click give you the power to take advantage of:
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