Kisi Cloud-Based Access Control Solution

An all-in-one hardware and software solution that offers both security and ease of use

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Experience new standards of physical safety at work without compromising on convenience

Install a Kisi reader or use only the Kisi controller app to gain and grant quick, authorized access to your facility.

Easy setup

Easily deploy a Kisi reader at each door and enjoy our secure and convenient Tap-to-Unlock technology.

Seamless integrations

Kisi works with a range of leading tools like Cisco Meraki cameras, Azure Active Directory, Google Calendar, and more.

Real-time insights

Easily track check-in and check-outs and manage multiple entry points and locations all from one dashboard.

Touchless access

Use our Kisi app to unlock doors without a Kisi reader to save money.

Easy to manage

Easily store and share video in your archives.

Intrusion detection

Every Kisi controller can connect to a siren, so no separate alarm panel is required. False positive alerts are minimized, as we ensure that intrusion policies take precedence over access policies.

Elevator access

Manage access to specific floors in your building by setting up time and user restrictions or enabling smartphone credentials.

Visitor management

Combine visitors policies and access policies and ensure proper registration and authentication of visitors and guests.

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