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What you need, when you need it

Not every business needs a full suite of IT services at all times, so Right Click offers On-Demand Services that enable you to call on specific services when you need them most. If your business requires fewer technology services or already employs in-house IT personnel, our On-Demand Services will fill in gaps or provide much-needed backup during work surges.

Only pay for what you use

So instead of paying regular fees for a bundle of services that you aren’t fully leveraging, you can choose what you need and what to pay for. Right Click’s highly certified and experienced team stands ready to assist with hardware repairs and maintenance, software upgrades and updates, online IT support, auditing and cybersecurity scanning, and much more. If we can get you the services you need while saving you money, we’ll consider that a great success.
With On-Demand Services from Right Click, you get:
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