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Uprite Construction Corporation.

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Uprite Construction

Customer Profile

Uprite Construction is a General Contractor experiencing rapid growth in its business. Uprite's operations are distributed throughout the state. Its staff regularly communicates remotely with clients, subcontractors, and other staff. Uprite's projects are very time-sensitive and require high productivity from all its staff members.

What does Uprite Construction say about working with Right Click?

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Business Technology Need

Uprite needed a technology system that is fast and flexible, allowing rapid onboarding of new staff no matter their location. They required high cyber-security to avoid large disruptions like ransomware and phishing threats. Their communications platform must be user-friendly to keep all parties in touch and productive.

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Right Click Solution

Right Click provides a small team of executive IT staff at Uprite. This group puts in place a strategic IT systems plan that is a guiding light for future operations. The strategic plan is designed to support the overall business plan at Uprite.

Right Click implemented our managed services platform to streamline the IT system at Uprite. All computer devices and apps are seamlessly deployed through our device management platform. Computers Devices are protected through monitoring at our Network Operations Center. All devices have advanced next gen-antivirus, patch management and are secured following the NIST 800 standard.

Every user at Uprite is provided personal technical assistance by our support team. New hires are treated to a nice welcoming experience when all their technology is configured and ready to go from them on day one. Right Click ensures users are trained on their software applications and warned of common cyber-security threats

Computers are provisioned with Microsoft Azure cloud. There are no on-premise servers to support. The network is designed in a Zero Trust architecture, enabling a secure environment from any location.

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Staff can communicate securely and stay in touch like there are all local, even though they are dispersed. Documents are shared through Sharepoint Document Libraries and communication runs through Teams and Viva.

Frontline Microsoft licenses are deployed to field users, enabling all staff to have basic cloud communication capabilities with extremely low costs. Frontline workers utilize company iOS devices.

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