Rhombus Physical Security Platform

Intelligent cameras and sensors. Simplified management. Next-gen AI analytics.

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Security, simplified

Improve operations, emergency response, and and business outcomes with Rhombus’s state-of-the-art intelligence

A single, unified platform

Manage all devices and locations with no bulky hardware or complex configurations required.

Maximum uptime

Rhombus’ hybrid-cloud architecture operates even during network outages and requires low bandwidth consumption.

Easy remote management

Securely access and view live video, find and share footage, and manage users no matter where you are.

Smart sensors

Enhanced protection and insights with integrated asset tracking, door sensors, environmental sensors, and motion sensors.

Powerful AI technology

Gain access to interactive maps and floor plans, facial recognition, vehicle and license plate recognition, unusual behavior detection, and more.

Real-time alerts

Receive accurate alerts in real time, thanks to Rhombus’s intelligent data processing features

Simple deployment

With a single cable installation, Rhombus eliminates the cost and hassle of NVRs (network video recorders) and hard drives.

Cost savings

Get twice the value at half the price of comparable enterprise security systems by choosing Rhombus.

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