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Sophisticated cyber attacks are carried out over a number of steps, that typically starts with a phishing attack, where fraudulent communications are sent to gain access to personal information or confidential data. Basically, attackers try to gain the trust of employees to gain access to sensitive data. This is why it’s important to deploy a solution that assumes all entities trying to gain access to your network or system cannot be trusted.

A zero trust system limits the trusted connection to only the internet and a virtualized container. This allows us, your IT partner, to terminate or limit the connection at will. It also allows us to protect your network based on the five principles of zero trust:

Right Click, Inc. offers a 30-day zero trust assessment with a 90-day service plan rollout.

img s2 A zero trust system

Here’s how we’ll deploy a zero-trust framework for your business:

Step 1

We’ll divide your network into segments using a switch. This will allow us to compartmentalize any identified threats.

Step 2

We will install a Zero Trust Network Access system. This will act as a gate that keeps all unauthenticated users out.

Step 3

We’ll deploy a security operations center and a security event and incident management platform. These will allow us to monitor your network and take action on any potential threat..

Step 4

We’ll deploy conditional access and multi-factor authentication measures using Microsoft Authenticator. We’ll also train your team to use your new zero trust framework.

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